Legacy Systems

S2 solutions allow users to upgrade legacy access control and video systems with minimal investment in new equipment and installation time.

Casi-Rusco Micro/5 access control system users can easily migrate to S2 advanced security management systems with minimal reinvestment in new field hardware. The Mercury Security M5 Bridge is an open platform solution that offers an economical path to replace end-of-life Casi-Rusco panels. Casi-Rusco Micro/5 end users can quickly transition to S2 NetBox or S2 Enterprise systems with the Mercury M5 Bridge without wiring or panel mounting changes to the existing installation. Upgrades for legacy Lenel and Honeywell systems are also possible.

Users of analog cameras can upgrade to a web browser-based IP video management system with the hybrid S2 NetVR 500. This system incorporates an IP video server, hybrid NVR and advanced video forensics. Supporting 16 or 32 analog video cameras, plus up to 64 IP cameras, S2 NetVR 500 offers advanced video forensics and tight integration of access control and video monitoring. Recorded event video can be played back instantly by clicking on an icon in the real-time activity log.

Legacy System Upgrade Benefits

  • Advanced Technology: Provides easy upgrade path to S2 advanced access control and video management solutions
  • Minimal Investment: Minimizes investment in new equipment and installation time
  • Ecosystem Integration: Enables legacy systems to integrate with S2 solutions and third-party applications

Casi-Rusco Micro/5 Legacy System Upgrade

For end-of-life Casi-Rusco systems, S2 Security offers easy, affordable migration.

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