Integrated Physical Security

S2 access control and video management systems integrate a range of security management functions and devices. They are able to support the security policies, processes and procedures of diverse organizations.

Organizations with S2 access control systems of any size can integrate physical security devices such as card readers, alarm points, relays, temperature points, and video applications. S2 video management systems can be easily added to S2 access control systems for a single, comprehensive system. S2 video management systems work with most common IP cameras, and the hybrid S2 NetVR 500 supports analog cameras as well. Organizations with supported third-party video management systems can also integrate S2 access control systems.

Large organizations can incorporate their existing systems and policies such as information management systems and databases, employee directories, and human resources applications into S2 access control, video management and mobile systems.

S2 Integrated Physical Security Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: Integrates credential-based access control, intrusion detection, video security applications, and corporate information management systems
  • Centralized Management: Allows for centralized management of users, privileges and credentials
  • Enhanced Security: Makes facilities, information systems and databases less vulnerable to incidents with real-time, actionable information from integrated systems and devices
  • Operating Efficiencies: Improves operating efficiencies by integrating systems and devices into a common interface
  • Temperature Monitoring: Initiates events when analog temperature monitoring points exceed preset high or low values
  • Cameras: Supports most common IP cameras and, using the hybrid S2 NetVR 500, analog cameras as well

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