S2 Threat Level Escalator

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S2 Threat Level Escalator

S2 Threat Level Escalator is an app that enables security personnel and general users such as school and hospital staff to instantly change the threat level status of a location in their S2 access control system from a mobile device. The one-button user interface is optimized for rapid response to emergency situations. When tapped, the button initiates a pre-programmed response protocol, for example, a facility lockdown. It can also dial an emergency phone number or initiate communications to a command center if needed.

All users and mobile devices are managed by the S2 access control system administrator and assigned specific threat level and location credentials. The app is password protected on the device, ensuring only authorized personnel and devices can escalate the system threat level.

S2 Threat Level Escalator is especially applicable for high-risk organizations such as educational institutions, hospitals and industries working in hazardous environments. S2 Threat Level Escalator works with S2 NetBox and S2 NetBox VR series products.


  • Mobile App: Allows authorized security personnel and general users to instantly change facility threat levels from a mobile device
  • User Management: Enables assignment of users, devices and credentials according to an organization's policies and procedures

Mobile Security Management

  • Access Control: Restricts access to locations specified by the user's credentials
  • Simple User Interface: Provides one-button operation for security personnel and general users such as school and hospital staff
  • Emergency Call Option: Automatically or manually initiates a call to first responders or a command center

S2 Threat Level Escalator is currently offered for iOS 6.1 and later for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.