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S2 NetBox VR

S2 NetBox VR is a converged, enterprise-class access control and video management system that tightly integrates the S2 NetBox security management system software with the S2 NetVR video management system. With support for up to 32 access control portals with one or two readers per portal and up to 16 IP cameras, S2 NetBox VR is ideal for a range of applications from independent organizations to field offices of large enterprises.

Using only a web browser, S2 NetBox VR delivers unified system management and administration. Access control logs, event monitoring, and video surveillance are seamlessly integrated throughout the system and optimized for ease of use. For example, by clicking on an icon in the real-time activity log, users can instantly play back recorded event video.

For larger, distributed installations, multiple S2 NetBox VRs can be tied to a single S2 controller.


  • Seamless Integration: Tightly integrates credential-based access control and video management
  • Web Interface: Delivers browser-based, unified management and administration
  • Customizable Monitoring Displays: Provides customization of real-time monitoring displays
  • Automated System Management: Automatically handles software updates and system backup
  • Mobile App: Allows for mobile security management using S2 Mobile Security Officer

Access Control

  • Events and Reporting: Displays access control events and stores them for customized reporting
  • Data Management: Automatically backs up and maintains SQL-compliant database of credential holders
  • Legacy System Upgrade: Works with existing Mercury, Casi-Rusco and Honeywell hardware
  • Portals: Supports up to 32 access control portals

Video Management

  • Real-Time Surveillance: Allows for live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls
  • Forensic Search: Locates video of interest with a single click and saves it in the case library
  • Cameras: Supports up to 16 IP cameras

S2 NetBox Series Product Comparison


S2 NetBox

S2 NetBox Extreme

S2 NetBox Enterprise 50

S2 NetBox Enterprise 100

S2 NetBox VR

S2 NetBox VR Quatro

Access Control

Simultaneous Users  5 10 25 35 5 2
Portal Capacity 32 128 1,792 7,168 32 8
S2 Node Capacity 32 64 128 512 32 8
Photo ID Badge Production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Person Data Audit Trail   Yes Yes Yes    

Video Management System Integration

S2 NetVR Series Yes Yes Yes Yes Included Included
S2 NetVR Capacity 4 16 64 128 Included Included
S2 NetVR Camera Capacity 256 1,024 4,096 4,096 16 8
Concurrent S2 Client Connections
(S2 NetBox, S2 Magic Monitor,
S2 Mobile Security Officer)
5 10 25 35 5 2
Third Party Video
Management Systems
Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Third Party VMS Camera Capacity 32 256 1,024 1,024    

Other Integrations

Intrusion Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Locksets Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mercury Panels Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  


Solid State Yes Yes Yes Yes   Optional
Partition Support   Yes Yes Yes    
High Availability       Yes    
RAID Storage       RAID 1    
Mobile Device Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

S2 NetBox Series Product Comparision