S2 Security Puts Monitor on Network

April 28, 2016

By Martha Entwistle, Security Systems News

S2 Security, a provider of IP-based access control and video management and mobile security management systems, has put the monitor on the network with its Magic Monitor, a move that S2 CEO John L. Moss says “Fundamentally changes the value proposition of a security management system.”

“It really means a much more expanded presence for the security function in an organization,” Moss told Security Systems News. The security group, often an “unseen group, … now has a new line of business in digital signage,” he said.

“The main thing is that it expands the opportunity for systems integrators and end users to get value out of their systems,” Moss said.

Moss describes the Magic Monitor as a “dynamic digital canvas” that can be used to display video, text, signage and media. It can be used in an operations center, in public areas, at the front desk, or in the field.

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