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S2 NetVR® is a product range that offers advanced video forensics and tight integration of access control and monitoring with video for users of the S2 NetBox®, S2 Enterprise® and S2 Global® products.  NetVR’s unmatched integration between video and access events gives users immediate access to video related to events of interest.

The S2 NetVR line includes NetVR, capable of 16 IP cameras and 8TB of in-box storage; the NetVR 100 high-performance NVR, capable of 64 IP cameras and 16TB in-box storage; the NetVR 500 hybrid recorder, capable of 32 analog and 64 IP cameras; and the new NetVR 700 enterprise class video server, capable of 128 IP cameras, 96TB in-box storage and the recording of 800 Mbps of video data.

All S2 NetVR products tightly integrate with S2’s access control products including S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise, as well as S2 Global, our distributed platform.


S2 NetVR 100 Datasheet
S2 NetVR 500 Datasheet
S2 NetVR 700 Datasheet
S2 NetVR Product Comparison Matrix

With the S2 NetBox, our campus is definitely more secure, and I am a much more effective safety manager.

Hobart Food Equipment Group

  • 100% Web user interface
  • Integrates with proven S2 Security Controllers
  • Widget Desktop support for customized monitoring display
  • Built-in documentation library
  • Allows complete system monitoring at a glance
  • Support for fully integrated video
  • Support for many common IP cameras
  • Forensic Desktop functions locate, save and export video evidence
  • Forensic case creation with single frame printing and full video export
  • Network appliance handles its own administration
  • Dual hard disks with RAID for access database and O/S
  • Single desktop or 19” rack mount (2U) appliance
  • Includes 2-year hardware and 1-year software warranty

                    S2 NetVR Product Comparison


NetVR Product Series
Video Server Type
S2 NetVR
IP Server
S2 NetVR 100
IP Server
S2 NetVR 500
Hybrid Server
S2 NetVR 700
IP Server
Analog Camera, Maximum 0 0 32 0
IP Camera, Maximum 16 64 64 128
IP Camera Licenses Included 16 8 8 8
HDD Bays, 3.5" Fixed, Internal 2 4 4 Up to 24
Raw Storage, Maximum 4 TB 16 TB 16 TB Up to 96 TB
NIC (GbE) 1 2 (4 optional) 2 4
iSCSI Support No Yes Yes Yes
Throughput 18 Mbps 480 Mbps 400 Mbps 800 Mbps
BTU 750 Max 757 Max 925 Max 757 Max
AC Input 100-240VAC
4.0/2.0 Amps
3.5/1.75 Amps
4.5/2.0 Amps
3.5/1.75 Amps

                                   S2 NetVR Product Comparison Matrix download (PDF)