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S2 Enterprise provides enterprise-grade capabilities for larger and multisite applications and is available in two models: Enterprise Select and Enterprise Ultra. Built on S2 NetBox IP-based security management technology, S2 Enterprise can be operated entirely from a Web browser and integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and temperature monitoring capabilities in an IP-based, network-ready system. 

S2 Enterprise is designed to meet the demand for S2 technology in larger and heavily networked environments. It offers approximately 10 times the throughput of the solid state product line, making it ideal for larger scale applications and those requiring many network end points. S2 Enterprise systems can be operated as partitioned systems that enable multiple occupant facilities to standardize on a central security system and then share the system with individual entities, such as commercial building tenants. 

Enterprise Select offers support for up to 1792 access control readers and 128 nodes. Enterprise Ultra offers support for up to 7168 access control readers and 512 nodes, and includes redundant, hot-swappable disks.

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The S2 NetBox will allow us to expand the system as we continue to grow.

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  • Web-based network appliance architecture
  • Zero footprint means that there is no software to install
  • Compatible with all standard S2 network devices
  • Expanded capacities for scaled applications
  • Easy retrofit to upgrade smaller S2 systems
  • 1U (Enterprise) or 2U (Enterprise Ultra) rack mount enclosure
  • RAID-1 storage for maximum reliability (Enterprise Ultra)
  • Supports commercial off-the-shelf memory and peripherals
  • Expandable RAM and hard disk arrays
  • Backup to removable media, NAS, or FTP server
  • Built-in web server and ODBC-accessible database
  • DVD-CDRW drive for backup and load (Enterprise Ultra)
  • Complete documentation library delivered to your web browser
  • Built-in diagnostics simplify installation and trouble-shooting