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S2 Global

S2 Global is a better way to manage distributed physical security systems. S2 Global is a flexible and expandable solution with practically unlimited scale. S2 Global enables users to knit together an entire ecosystem of security management systems (SMS) and video management systems (VMS) appliances under one, centrally-controlled, distributed network while retaining many of the principles that S2 pioneered, including an appliance-based architecture and web browser delivery.

S2 Global is both network-efficient and cost-effective. The system integrates SMS and VMS appliances directly, eliminating the regional chokepoints that are a significant problem for legacy systems. Using S2 Global, users have the safety and convenience of individually manageable small systems, with the efficiencies offered by central management and control.

S2 Global is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of a range of customers. For large-scale enterprises, S2 can provide a completely-customized, enterprise-class Global solution that includes dedicated S2 engineers onsite supporting the deployment. S2 can also provide a tailored offering for smaller organizations, many of which prefer to build their Global system piece-by-piece over time, or simply need a smaller distributed system. Users can also choose whether to convert their entire system to S2 products, or simply use S2 Global to unite their existing enterprise systems under one management solution.

  • SMS access control database that can be managed centrally, remotely or both
  • 100% Web-based, IP network appliance
  • Automatic import from common personnel management systems
  • Scales to thousands of locations on a single Global server
  • SOC (Security Operations Center) alarm management software handles multiple simultaneous operators
  • Home page provides immediate access to data at any remote site
  • Integration with S2 NetVR and NetBox VR for distributed VMS management
  • Access privileges specified at both the local and global levels
  • Report facility integrates activity from remote devices into aggregated reports that can be auto-scheduled, producing PDF results delivered via email


An overview of S2 access control product features and specifications.


S2 Netbox

S2 NetBox VR

S2 NetBox VR Quatro

S2 NetBox Extreme

S2 NetBox Enterprise 50

S2 NetBox Enterprise 100

Simultaneous Users  5 5 2 10 25 35
Browser Based UI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reader Capacity  32 32 8 256 1792 7168
Node Capacity  32 32 8 64 128 512
Camera Capacity  32 32 8 128 1024 no fixed limit
Solid State Technology Yes     Yes* Yes Yes Yes
SMS/VMS Converged System   Yes Yes      
Partitioning Option Available       Yes Yes Yes
Photo ID Badge Production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audit Trail of Person Data       Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Device Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
S2 NetVR Integration Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Third Party VMS Support Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion Panel Integration (DMP) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RAID 1 for SMS Server           Yes
High Availability Option Available           Yes
Wireless Lock Integration (ASSA) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mercury Security Support Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes

*SSD utilized for OS, application SW and SMS database, SATA HDD utilized for video storage

S2 Product Comparision Matrix